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Fire and Ice

Boat home

WERE OFF ! Posted on Tue, August 06, 2013 16:58:44

Boring boat trip

Off the boat, legit to M62, usual rain as you pass the Lake they call Manchester ! through Liverpool under the Mersey and home

OH and just so I can say I told you so “the polar Bears on Iceland Have not eaten all the Penguins LOOK “

Hamster Jam

WERE OFF ! Posted on Tue, August 06, 2013 09:50:33

Hamster Jam

SSooz of Meezz pops in to the wilds of the Netherlands only to watch the dark clouds appear again, I know! I thinks to myself I shall trundle off to Utrecht to see if Marjo is home (and cadge a coffee and a bun) What a bummer she was at work,, Next on the list to kill time,, off to Amsterdam, so punching buttons on the sat nav (now working) I set course and ride out to visit places where I mis-spent my youth.

WELL I fucked that up, I got totally lost in the city traffic, sat nav was ghosting again and with thoughts of missing my boat home I decided to head back to Rotterdam and the port , I arrived far too early and with 3 hours to kill just sat and read my kindle.

Eazy peazy on the boat, in me cabin, only to find the internet they promised they had on the boat was down, The TWATS! No reduction in the ticket price though

Fucked up ride

WERE OFF ! Posted on Tue, August 06, 2013 09:45:19

Fucked up ride

Defiantly should not have been riding this morning!

Thing went ok to Berlin missed all the early rush hour traffic witch was my intention

But then the sat nav went tits up as did I! Between stops to read the map and chucking up (can’t think why!) I ended up going back up north so spent a shit load of time pissing about trying to sort everthing out including my head ,

Anyway rocked up in Goor about 12.30 straight through the centres one way system, the wrong way! But they are used to me doing THAT and didn’t bat an eye as I pulled up at the coffee bar DESPERATE for caffeine, I was only there 10 minutes at the most when Eggies spotted my bike on his way home (I was staying with him and Dino) and joined me, Guess what the minute I stopped the first rain drops hit the pavement.

Next few days were spent catching up with old friends in Holland, Eggies, Dino, Herman, Rineke and Thera, lots of texts off people who were away on holiday and could not be there, I DO LUV YOU ALL!!

A few trips out, one of which is to the city of Munster in Germany a really nice place to visit if you’re out that way,

Eggies house has become Motoloco`s rescue centre, between Him and Herman there is nothing that cannot be fixed, it is the only Place that I can truly relax when I am on a trip.

Dino came back from France and fussed me to death, GREAT.

So Tuesday came round real fast and it’s of to Rotterdam for the boat


Off To Poland

WERE OFF ! Posted on Sun, July 28, 2013 09:42:30

Off To Poland

Fucked up on my timing today, I thought it was Tuesday all day it was only in the evening I found out it was Wednesday, and I was due in the Netherlands by Friday

Not a problem except i was heading into Poland OOPPSS!

I had pissed away the morning doing the Tourist thing in Hamburg, with a bus map of Reykjavik in my pocket it got very confusing at one point on the metro

Rocked up to Anias and Yarlas late Thursday morning, after a problem with the bike going klangety Klang, bankity bang, Brokety broke Stoppity stop BUT we are Motoloco and soon had it away again. The reception was great it varied between big hugs and kisses to getting berated for not calling into there’s every time I was in Poland ,, I DO LUV THESE TWO NUT CASES (I also think Anias belongs in a secure unit) ,, Too protect US ! I rang Victor, we had met the first time I was in Poland and had stayed in touch, he said he would bring the Beer and asked were I was staying, so I told I was at Anias, “WHAT are you MAD! Fuck the beer! I will bring the ARMY.

Sitting in Ania’s kitchen with a sore spot on my head! Yarla hit me with a big wood spoon when I said I wasn’t stopping the night ,, that’s been revised to an early start in the morning ,, Yarla is shocked at how much weight I have lost and is busy baking
too feed me up ,,she keeps calling me Little Scouse runt ,,(that’s pretty affectionate for her ) first met these 2 lunatics when we were all working a print factory in Liverpool

Coffee with hooch this is defiantly going to get messy!!!

These are not my words ,, ” I have a bun to my head,, do as they say “

We have him captive , ” He will do exactly as we say or you will never see him alive again”,


We are not joking this BUN IS LOADED !


I am torturing him with CAKE “WERE IS THE UNIFORM”!


I will never talk, I am BRITISH !


Arrrrhhh ” OK OK I will talk “

But you will never get the HAT!

Aaaaarrrrhhh !

By 8 30pm we were all a sleep! HAMMERED!

OOOOHHHHWWWA ! Didn’t feel very well at 5.00am when I had to ride to Holland!
Still 4 paracetamol and 2 red bulls and a bag of cakes got me moving

Due to horrendous stalking incident when they were in the UK

Anias has editing and photo rites for this blog, so I dread what she will post

Boat to the Rescue

WERE OFF ! Posted on Sun, July 28, 2013 09:37:01

Boat to the Rescue

We never actually got on the boat back to Denmark till after midnight ,so it was straight to the cabin to crash out , hunger finally woke us up so off for sticky buns in the boats café,

The next day went far to fast on the boat just gelling out with people we had met, taking pic`s of each other and swapping websites, H`s arse was starting to heal, but his ankle was getting far worse so the decisions has been made we get him on another boat straight back to the uk, But first he has to ride halfway down Denmark to the ferry port there.

We ended up hanging round on the Boat an extra hour waiting to disembark as there was another ferry boat pissing about , this was time we badly needed as we Had to get Henry to his boat by 4.30pm ,

Thanks to all the people for offers of help and places to stay

Oh and it was nice and sunny and I have changed my mind about Denmark

The ride to the Ferry was ok, H had the extra energy that the thought of the final boat home always brings and we actually got him there for 4.45pm.

The usual goody byes and quick set of the satnav and I was off to Hamburg for the night ,(a 700 + click day was taking it`s toll)

Faeroe Islands

WERE OFF ! Posted on Sat, July 20, 2013 10:58:37

Faeroe Islands

HELP I am trapped here till Sunday night

We were off the boat by 3.30am and decided to ride to the northern islands to see the sun rise ,,Yes I did say sun rise it went dark last night ,I don’t like it ! I had got used to it being permanent day light, you only slept when you needed it and I always felt full of energy,

Thick fog to start the journey to the north but that cleared to a bright morning, the north island was quite nice, there were also 2 tunnels you had to drive through that were so small and narrow you felt you were riding down in a mine.

After much pissing about looking for none existent camp sites we ended up back at Torshavn were the campsite was full of every biker we new from the boat , they had pretty much had the same experience looking for campsites marked on the map that don’t exist .

Just hanging about now! bored trying to think of somewhere to go

Got fed up just hanging so trundled of to the Western islands Guess what FOG
so trundled to the south west of Torshavn nice FOG
trundled back to Torshavn guess what !!!!!SUNSHINE !!!

found the chippy and had great fish and chips Hurray


WERE OFF ! Posted on Sat, July 20, 2013 10:53:58


What a truly shit ride at least it was only 25 clicks to the boat ,thick fog from the second we reched the pass, visibility was down to about 10 feet in places with snow both sides of the road Iceland was defiantly biding us farewell .

Henry has no riding trousers so was just riding in his baggies and was cold wet and very miserable when we finally crawled into the port.

Hanging around with the other bikers was fun swapping Iceland stories, Henry showing off his new arse and then Ash (the ozzy) came bouncing into town he had blown his shock while getting too enthusiastic on an off road track (he had blown something else while getting enthusiastic with an Iceland chick too) he was now only riding on a spring so was doing true Zebedee impressions now,

On boarding the boat we found they had put me an H in the wrong queue so off to the back of the next one for us , after 1 hour wait I decided to go for a piss and you all know this is one of The Gods little tricks ,the minute you start to move the guy with the fluorescing waist coat turns up and starts to load your queue ,,, This trick has to rival “I know when they get old I will make them shrink but keep there ear’s growing so they die looking like a dried out elephant mouse “ (bout time they found a new trick me and my bladder are getting fed up with this one)

All we have to do now is get up at 1am to disembark at the Faeroe Islands

World of Pain

WERE OFF ! Posted on Wed, July 17, 2013 21:01:51

World of Pain

We moved on from Hofn and I must say a great big Thanks to Peter at the camp site and also to the only Cop in the Village (we will find out your name) for being absolute stars for all your help and concern (I think they may also have been worried about Henry too) but my finger did look bad .

With a bit of help Henry manages to get on and off the bike but you can see the pain etched in his face , the weather for a change was foggy so gave us a chance to get so real eerie pic`s ,

By the end of the day H was fucked so he had to find a room to stay in while I elected

for a nice wet tent

Fuck I just stubbed my toe !

One for you to go to sleep on ,, Henry is bad to day so I am playing nurse , My little latex skirt is a bit to short ,it dosn`t quite cover all the dangly bits, I haven`t quite mastered walking in these high heels yet but I am shore I will and I realy need to wax my legs, BUT I think my little hat with the red cross on is very cute,,,, good night pleasant dreams x


WERE OFF ! Posted on Tue, July 16, 2013 08:32:28


Which is a shit load better than ooooh MY aching arse

Cops did there thing (great lads out here totally helpful) H had a bad night as expected, while I soothed his fevered brow!!! Actually I fucked off for beer and hotdogs,

Next day cops picked H up to take him to hospital again while I worked on the bike

That’s all sorted and back on the road, H has some paracetamol and codeine to sooth his pain, and tonight Henry gets Road Chemistry lesson on how to leach the codeine out of the pills to make them stronger if he cannot sleep.

Well its looking like we might make an attempt to ride tomorrow, of course it’s up to Henry but we have to move by Wednesday to get the boat to the Faeroes on Thursday morning


WERE OFF ! Posted on Tue, July 16, 2013 08:25:06


Well we finally gave up waiting for good weather in the interior and decided to head south and east, guess what! the sun came out , had a magnificent ride in the morning found a track that lead up to the top of the headland at Vik (yes we are back there again ) great view and a scary little track. After that off across the delta for the third time, no wind this time just sun, we are officially in our own personal heat wave it reached 14c at one point so we are sweating . found a very busy track to an ice flow so it was off for pic`s again.

Next stop iceberg nursery (again) and a stop for coffee and sticky buns (ye ha)

OOHHH THEN IT ALLL WHENT TITS UP actually it was wheels up,

H got a huge tank slapper lost it and ended plunging down an 8 ft embankment looks like the right hand pannier frame broke away and that’s what caused it.

Meanwhile I was happily 5 minutes in front of him when I though, I know stop and take a pic, next 4×4 stopped and told me H had lost it but was ok (I thought the fucker lost it years ago but ha what do I know) on arrival I see Henry standing up so in true Adventure style I ignore him get the camera out and take the pic`s

While we waited for the ambulance the tools came out and I started to strip the bent shit off the front of the bike to see if it could be made ridable, after all we are Motoloco AND WE CAN FIX ANYTHING! (I hope) 30 mins later front is pulled straight and bike is running I can sort the back end tomorrow, so Henry is carted off for yet another Arse transplant! And I am left as Billy no mates waiting for the pickup truck,,,,,, it’s a very nice evening though and my arse isn’t aching

(Ooooh but my arm is,,,, hadn’t noticed the acid burns on my arm till now)

Back into the wildness

WERE OFF ! Posted on Tue, July 16, 2013 08:20:58

Back into the wildness

With great reluctance we left the comforts of our nice B&B in Akranes but at least we were all dry again.

The main reason we had come to Iceland was to ride the Sprengisandur off road track it runs right through the centre of Iceland and is truly out in the wilds, this would give us chance to see the country in the raw ,, well at the moment I wish it would put its clothes back on , we moved up to the beginning of the track in the hope we would get a weather window that would enable us to start the crossing but so far we are sitting in tents listening to the rain getting bored ,, so much so I just went outside to get wet, so that I could come back in to get dry “YEH SO MUCH FUN “ (Think I might try the mace out in the tent next! )

The Sprengisandur has five river crossings within a hundred miles of track so this should test us and the bikes but we have to attempt it at the latest on Tuesday otherwise we wont make the ferry to the Faeroe isles , bar the river crossings we think the track wont be as hard as the Kjolur route just possible longer . the track has been open for nearly two weeks now and people who have done it told us the rivers are low because its so cold this year the ice cap is not melting, there is no point in use trying though if we don’t get the weather as all we will see is fog,, (may as well be on the penny pass in north Wales)

Today I met an Angel

WERE OFF ! Posted on Mon, July 15, 2013 17:20:50

Being prity much an illiterate bugger and wanting to write something that reflected not only Des`a but also my mother, she did the same job for the same reason’s so this was always going to be difficult, it was compounded by the fact that my mother died young, and left me with a shit load of unanswered questions most of which Des`a was able to shed light on, so I was finally able to put a 35 year old ghost to rest , This is how I see the pair of them

Today I met an Angel

Des`a works with the street people. today is a free day and she is showing me round Her city , its not long before I realize that I am not with an ordinary person, even on her day off she is approached by the homeless and she shows them care and friendship

When I question her and asked her if this pissed her off, she looks at me inquisitively and then says “Why would it! They Are My People “ I feel ashamed, I have forgotten that I new Fear, that I new Hunger and Cold, but most of all I had forgotten that once an Angel walked into Hell pulled me out and built me a new life.

Des`a like all her kind does not know she is an Angel, Her Halo is not worn round her head like in some silly Bible picture, the light is inside and when her eyes fall upon a distressed soul it shouts with joy.

Des`a knows the street people cannot be cured or taken from the hell they live in, so she tries to make each day a little easier for them and offers them friendship and kindness.

The physical and emotional scars show on Des`a, but she is ready to start back at work after yet another attack on her person; this woman has the heart of a Lion. I left a bit of my soul with Des`a in an attempt to make her stronger, but Angels can be sneaky creatures, when I checked myself she had placed a bit of Angel in me to fill the gap.

I am not sure if there is anything I can do to help Des`a in her task but I do know this, When these Angels are hurt it is OUR turn to heal them, When they are broken as they surely must be, it is up to us to take them under OUR wings and cherish them, For they are Few.

I am very proud to call Des`a my Friend,

It is beyond words for me to say what I feel,,, Because Today


Zebb 2013 Reykjavik


WERE OFF ! Posted on Mon, July 15, 2013 16:16:09


POINTY OUT BIT, way above Reykjavik

Foggy, Very rainy, very very windy, the only time Motoloco had ever had to turn round on a track it had started, totally pissed off! All our wet kit just leaks now, at least we have a good B&B with internet,

Sitting here doing the face book thing when on pops Des`a ,, we met D at the Landsmo`t party she promised hot coffee in Reykjavik if we survived the Kjolur off road track , an easy thing to promise when they all thought we would die out there anyway. “ Ha zebb you live” it’s my free day tomorrow do you want to join me and I will show you my city OH yes sez I, as I run off to find a bus time table .

The gloom was starting to lift.

Kjolur to Reykjavik

WERE OFF ! Posted on Mon, July 15, 2013 16:13:37

Kjolur to Reykjavik

It was nice to start the day with dry kit for a change the B&B we stayed in had a drying area so that was really good my boots have leaked for a week now so riding round the ice cap has been some what of a painful experience but TODAY my boots are DRY ,ye ha !!,

About 2 clicks down the road was another smelly place (bit like my boots ) but at least this time we could watch the gizers blow ,, HA guess what it started to rain !

Little bit of off road to Akranes (scary track it was covered in a nice sheen of wet mud looked just like new plaster in your house) we found a Hostel to stay in , we have decided to use them when ever we can now as everthing we have just keeps getting soaked(so why am I writing this from a tent).

They are different than the ones in Europe they are not full off KNOB END back packers who thing the country has been made just for them and there pleasure

Were sorted for a couple of days and are looking for a ride out too the Snaefells peninsular

Kjolur Route

WERE OFF ! Posted on Wed, July 10, 2013 21:57:27

Kjolur route

We had to hang around at the rally site till 3 pm till the cops turned up to breathalyser us as we had been drinking moonshine till 5am ,,, got the all clear so off we jolly well popped , the track was only 3 clicks down the road and it hadn’t started to pissdown yet (but it wouldn’t be long ) ,

I always doubt my off road ability, but with Tiff Coates words ringing in my ears “if you’ve rode Tajikistan you can ride anywhere in the word zebb “hum thinks I as I ring the throttles neck, within 15 mins I power sliding through the bends with a full tank (32lts) and full luggage GREAT ,, over the next 4 hours we encountered every type of off road terrain you could ever ride on, OH and it pissed down for 3 of them so we never saw the big volcanoes, popped out the other end by a big waterfall totally wet and very miserable, then found a b&b to stay and dry out in


WERE OFF ! Posted on Mon, July 08, 2013 22:19:44


Bike Folk meet

We actually arrived in sunshine GREAT it lasted just long enough for us to dry our tents and all our kit, we had no intention of having a party night as it was only Thursday,, EERR that kind of when wrong when the local lads started plying us with local home made Hooch, took the skin right of the top of your mouth it did! But boy did warm you up by 3.30 am I was back down to just a t shirt, slept like a baby next day and no hangover.

Next day the usual mix of wind and hammering down rain

But the Icelandic girls don’t let that put them off the silly games, me and Ash (an ozzy we met on the boat) thought we better show some support so went to cheer them on ,, what a laugh we had watching the football match with the girls with there beer goggles on, WHAT WE DIDN’T KNOW was the had auctioned us off ,,

Iceland being a matriarch society, we were drag off to various tents ours being the ply them with Hooch , get them pissed and dance them to death tent (coz I am old ) as apposed to the get them pissed and shag them to death tent.

What a time we had the Icelandic humour is the same as ours and we had a whole afternoon and night were we never stopped laughing,, of course it could have been the local hooch the girls had brewed themselves being GIRLY HOOCH meant it tasted nice, infact you didn’t think it would harm you, VERY DANGEROUSE! lot stronger

Than the males brew!


Yep you guest it Hammering down rain, getting used to this now. Lots of people inviting us into there large tents and feeding us , they could not of been more friendly which is the opposite of what we thought till we got here , I think at first you get the wrong impression of them ,possible because we had been moving every day and didn’t get to know them anyway GREAT PEOPLE !If your not on the blog I will be putting all your pic`s in the gallery by the end of the month,,, ” GREAT TIME PEOPLE, THANKS VERY MUCH

suppose I better say Ash won the long distance award ,, bloody Ozzy bugger


WERE OFF ! Posted on Mon, July 08, 2013 21:05:21


Heading out in the morning saw us passing the same group of brits who had hired bikes to see the Island, it became a game of leap frog for awhile. first real good bit of dirt track work over a big mountain range, it finally got cold enough for me to plug my heated vest in, Inspector Gadget (martin) was so jealous, the day went on too long but we did reach the most Northern point of Iceland and (the farthest North I had ever reached) Martin carried on to his hotel and we had a truly shit wet camp,

We had arranged to meet at the Dead fox water fall, think it’s really called Dettifoss or something, the big waterfall at the beginning of the Prometheus film (Alien)

Martin text H to warn him the track was Bad, But to us this is what the XT600 were build for I HAD A GREAT RIDE Hammered it up the track, bike handled great even though it was fully loaded, my off road riding has improved no end since Tajikistan and all the handling problems sorted out, (no of those buttock clenching moments were you needed to change your pants afterwords)




After the water fall off to a very smelly place to watch gizers doing there thing and to also watch H getting covered in petrol fixing a leak,

On to Akuryri were we elected to get rooms in the same hotel as martin as we would be under canvas for 3 days at the Landsmo`t rally.

Yet again martin treated us to a meal, yet again he told me to” Fuck off with my boil in the bag meal” (strange man) ACTUALLY HE IS A GREAT GUY and I will be sorry to see him leave tomorrow.

Back to Hofn

WERE OFF ! Posted on Mon, July 08, 2013 20:57:18

Back to Hofn`

As martin was doing the Island anti clockwise and we were going to do it the” other way round” (there could be a trip in that pun) after a bit of discussion between Henry and myself we decided that it was unfair on martin if we didn’t ride his way as he only had a week so it was turn round and head back to the iceberg nursery and then to our first campsite at Hofn`.

Good ride Bad bad winds oover the delta again,

The campsite is run by a guy from Chester how weird is that!, anyway dry camp lots of wine and a got to practice my Russian again as a truck full of Muscovites’ turned up

Next day juicing up when a girl bike club turned up, the usual banter and info swapped and we were all going to end up at the bike rally at the weekend

Back to Ferry Town

Back along the same route for awhile then on a dirt track over a mountain pass good fun but weather is still very cold, ended up in what we thought was a shit camp but turned out ok in the end (partly due to martin inviting us to a meal in his hotel) we offered to treat him to a Boil in the bag meal in return but he politely declined by saying “You can Fuck Off “as he helped himself to another piece of Salmon (cannot understand why)


WERE OFF ! Posted on Sun, June 30, 2013 19:00:57


No not the stuff you put on your chest that’s Vic!

The ride to Vik took us across a great big delta that was a scene of utter destruction after the volcanic eruption in 1996, when the volcano blew under the ice cap the water that eventually broke free destroyed everything in its path, greater than any tidal wave,, YES I DID SAY TIDAL WAVE its not a tsunami I am not feckin Japanese’s or in Japan.

Hi winds and the occasional section they had filled in with deep gravel made the ride interesting to say the least, and as the wind was coming off the Ice cap it could cut right to the bone,,, I berated Henry for not wearing his short trousers as this was just the type of place to wear them so as to distiquish our selves from Johnny foreigner

We arrived in Vik and were looking for the camp site when 1 minute latter Martin rode in from the other side of the Island. Not bad timing, I thought “`PIC`S TO BE ADDED LATER

Journey to the Center of the Earth

WERE OFF ! Posted on Sat, June 29, 2013 19:35:52

We were tucked up nice in our cabin when the cry went up LAND HOO all the explorers jumped up and ran to the front of the boat to get the first glimpse of the mysterious island, so much so the ship nearly went POINTY end DOWN

I wanted to be Arnie Saknussen but Henry insisted I was Gertrude the DUCK!

ICELAND the clue was in the name, snow nearly down to the beach! Stunning scenery everywhere so much so that youthful exuberance overcame age and achy joints, and for the first day were rode to far and to long and ended up riding into the rain, so first night WET camp.

Ah but the next day bright sunshine, it took us about 3 hours to ride 100 clicks just because we kept stopping to take pictures .we got to the Icebergs nursery about midday and it was so stunning we have wild camped on the beach ,,,, I am now an official member of the Iceberg Surfing Club !

We got word from martin who is to join us tomorrow he is on the other side of the Island that has done nothing but piss down on him since he landed 3 days ago (hope he doesn’t bring his weather with him) I am looking out my tent door roaring blue surf one side, mountains and icebergs on the other FANTASTIC


WERE OFF ! Posted on Thu, June 27, 2013 19:21:58


After the camp we headed to the ferry for Iceland at Hirtshals , looks like any northern ferry port EXEPT for one thing it has everything you need just were you need it GREAT! ATM`S, BIKE SHOPS, PUB. we found cheep motel rooms round the back of the hotel the bike shop ordered tires for H`s bike for when he returns and the HAPPY HOUR in the Locals pub lasted 3 hours Hurray! Lots of beer! Pizza shop next door got our dinner ready, had a great sleep woke ready for breakfast and the Ferry

There’s may be a dozen other bikers from around the world crossing over to Iceland all in great spirits and the sense of adventure in all of us is starting to rise, a few hardy soles are sleeping in the chairs while me and H slum it in a 3 birth cabin with sea view to ourselves “oh how I long for the days of sleeping in bushes in Siberia”

Good fun on the boat, sat and talked with the other bikers swapping stories and information, Yuri the Russian pissed himself laughing at me talking Russian with a scouse accent but also helped me with pronunciation of words I had struggled with

We passed the Shetland Island at dawn (there is no dawn it’s light all the time) and we got our first glimpse of the Faeroes in the evening they look truly spectacular and both me and Henry are glad we have opted to stop there for 3 days on the way back,, so it was off for a steak for dinner just as the ship started to go up and down a lot (may regret that latter)

OH and we passed a big sailing Dingy thingy ,ooooh I could feel my blood rise and I was looking for my pistol and cutlass, thoughts of rape and pillage passed through the red mist that was now before my eyes ( one of my ancestors was a captain in Morgan the pirates fleet) MUST BE DNA MEMORY ! But he was the good sheep, the Reverend Gideon Penman was hung for being a minister to the devil apparently the devil used to ask for him by name! according to his covern of young Lady’s (I wonder what he did with them then!) he was a very black sheep, along with other odd cutthroat’s rapist and border reveres who lay claim to my family name (I feel a bit left out really)


WERE OFF ! Posted on Thu, June 27, 2013 19:13:10


Left Hamburg on a nice bright morning THAT lasted about an hour, then the weather turned to total shit again we got off the autobahn cos it was so boring only to be bored to tears in Denmark what a mind numbing experience riding there is Totally organised totally clean, totally straight roads, totally NICE to look at, and a totally shit speed limit with humongous fines if you go over it,,, going on the Autobahn on the way home TOTALLY!!!!

Oh we did find a nice camp site and it did stop raining for the WITCH burning! NOW that was total fun.


WERE OFF ! Posted on Thu, June 27, 2013 19:11:00


Hamburg saw us tucked away in the Ibis motel along with a load of HD riders apparently it was there BIG yearly meet in the Reepabahn and they were expecting 30`000 to turn up (seamed more like 3,000) and a lot Audi’s to me, but it looked a good time when we went down there for some beer, did our usually thing hopped on the tourist bus to find out what was what, then bought ourselves a metro ticket and made our own way about ,

big rain storm dampened the Saturday night a bit but we were doing the hard rock café thing by then . quick check of the bikes and off to Denmark in the morning

Holland and beyond

WERE OFF ! Posted on Sat, June 22, 2013 15:36:14

Straight of the boat with very little fuss ,and into a beautiful morning ride to Marjo`s house for coffee and fussing GREAT! Andre popped in for a quick hello and goodbye ,he was off on the piss at 10 am (better man than me ), we sorted our route for Hamburg so off

we popped, then just as we got into Germany all hell broke loose with the weather, thunder storms and flooding of Noah`s proportions, but Motoloco`s luck was with us again as we spotted a nice shelter just as the first of the giant rain drops hit the pavement, so we sheltered for an hour or so ,,,, go bored after that so donning the wet gear we went to find the campsite ,,, found OK tents up in the dry and off for beer and pretzels

eeerr maybe

WERE OFF ! Posted on Sat, June 22, 2013 15:11:02

Well we thought we were but H on a run back home to fetch his forgotten towel , rang us up to say his bike was pissing out petrol ,,, quick fix, turn the tap almost to off until it settled down again (xt`s get nervous before a big trip too) good run through Liverpool and on to Hull before you know it we were on the boat and settled in ,,